9 tips on the best ways to arrive to a red carpet event!

Want to hit  your next big event and feel like a movie star? 

You may not have the budget of an A list celebrity and you own entourage of hair stylists, make up artists and assistants but don't let this get in your way. So Cal Limos has put these top tips to looking and feeling like a movie star.

 1. What to wear: It's great to have a cocktail dress in your wardrobe. It is like the new black tie. You can always get away with a classy little black dress. You can always add that extra bling and accessorise with shoes or handbags.

2. Wear great appropriate underwear. Leave the victoria secret undies at home and put on your spanks and best bra to give you those elegant lines. If you have a photographer at an event you need to be careful the flash does not give you a VPL in picture.

3. Be prepared: It's always worth thinking of everything. At So Cal limos we have an emergency survival kit in each of our cars that includes mints, sewing kit for dress malfunctions and first aid kit.

4. Just have a small purse or clutch bag. You may want to carry everything to your big event but  you don't want your outfit swamped with a big bag. Try a small clutch bag with some money, credit card and lip gloss.

5. Don't overdo the makeup. On big occasions many ladies are tempted to chuck on as much makeup as possible or try something new. This is not the time. Try to stick to one theme and keep it classic. Strong red lipstick is great but don't try to overdo the eye make up if you go for this option. Just pick one element to emphasise. Less can often be more!

6. It's all about the shoes - When it comes to glamour there is nothing more stylish than a high heel. However make sure you can actually walk in your heels maybe con side a wedge.  Practice walking in you shoes first. 

7. Practice your best paparazzi pose. You are at a big red carpet event then you want to look your best when someone takes a snap of you in your outfit. Take a look at the latest magazines and see how the A listers pose. Remember to get some shots in front of our cars. 

8. Lay out the red carpet. Some places may not actually offer a red carpet. These can be rolled out by our chauffeur so you can feel like a real diva.

9. Match your car to the event. So Cal Limos has a fabulous selection of cars. We have one of the largest selection of cars available to hire in Perth. If you want a romantic classic car then we can help or if you want a modern limo or high tech hummer we also have this available too.