Some tips on planning a stag party limo journey.

Your best mate is about to give up his single life in Perth and get hitched and you’ve been selected as the Best Man. Preparing for the Stag/ Bucks night is one of the most important jobs of the best man has on his list of obligations. To kick things off you need to get to and from your chosen venues. There is no better way to cruise the streets of WA than our Black Mercedes Limo or White Stretched Hummer. 

Some tips on planning a stag party limo journey.

1. Think ahead. Try and book as early as possible. Some of our cars go very quickly and you want to have the best car that suits your group. See our cars section for more info.

2. Work out numbers - Try and find out who is coming.

3. Sort out payment with your mates first. If you are paying the full price of the limo yourself and plan to get money towards this from people who are joining the ride. Ask them for money in advance. No point at the end of the night when money has gone on alcohol, food and strippers.

4. Work out your route and a timetable. It's best to have a set agenda with a timeline of where you plan to be. So if you do loose a person along the way then they catch  up with you at the next port of call. 

5. Decide if you want the limo the whole night or just to drop you off and pick you up.

6. Plan your tunes - Our cars have a docking system so you can plug your iphone, ipod in. Get some great tracks your mates will love. 

7. Have a great time.