Arrive in Style to the Spring Horse Races in Perth


Are you attending Spring Horse Races in Perth this year? If you are passionate about horse racing you can’t miss the major highlights of Perth Racing Carnival. If you wish to make a style statement for these racing events then go in for a classy limo hire in Perth.  

Why not make a  jaw-dropping entrance. You will feel like a star or a Vegas high roller by  arriving in Perth City Limos elite vehicles.

Don't turn up to Ascot, dressed to the nines, yet driving your own car. Avoid the hassles of trying to find a place to park. Our chauffeur drops you off with gracious style right at the entrance. Limo hire is the way to go when you contemplate a day at the races. 

Before you rent the ride, there are a few things that you need to think about:

The right car – Choosing the car will depend on your choice, colour, and budget and obviously related how many people you’ll be travelling with. Classic model car would be the best opt for this kind of racing event. 

Ask to see the company's Limousines – Check out the vehicle you plan on renting for the racing day. You don't want to be surprised on your big plan day by an older stretch limousine when you are expecting a newer model.

Facilities – Although facilities are depending on your budget, but you should have compare the common facilities from a limo hire company. Keep in mind that the grander the amenities the costlier it will be. The most common facilities you’ll get CD/DVD players, gaming systems, flat TVs and a lot more.

Duration – Most limo services in Perth are charged by hour, and companies need to definite time to schedule their cars. Also you can look for an exclusive offer or, a package.

Choose a reliable company – Decide which company you feel will be on time, have the best vehicle and uniformed chauffeur, and has the best price. For most people, price is not as important as service, so don't automatically choose the lowest rate, you might end up with an 80's limo and a driver in jeans and a t-shirt. So Cal Limos is one of the best and reliable limo hire company in Perth who can provide you a special package for that big race day. 

Make your arrival at the race day the one everyone is talking about!