How to arrive to your School formal in style!

A school formal is an event that doesn’t occur every day – in reality. It’s going to happen only once in your lifetime, and especially for that reason, you want all of your arrangements for this memorable occasion to be as perfect as possible. You want to have a great time, make the most of the day – and make an impression on your friends, too. Attending your School Formal is a memorable experience that should not be missed by any high school senior. Who you go with and what you wear are not the only important decisions that need to be made in advance. The evening needs to be planned from beginning to end, including any formal arrival ideas you have regarding how you will get there. Help make this night memorable by organising high quality transport in a vehicle that will make a dramatic, world-class entrance! One of the best ways to do that is to arrive at your School Formal in a limo.

Making an entrance at the program starts with arriving in a limousine which is stylish and elegant. It does not matter if you have the most gorgeous dress and the hottest date. If you show up in your date's brother's estate car that is all people will remember about you. Put as much time into choosing the right car as you did into choosing the right dress and your big night truly will be perfect. The best part of renting a limo is that you can usually fit at least eight people. That means not only can you enjoy riding to formal with all your friends, you also can split the cost eight ways. So if you love tradition, rent a limo for the school formal. You can never go wrong with a long black stretch limo pulling up at your formal venue. 

So Cal Limos is the perfect choice for your School Formal in Perth. We provide Perth's largest selection of classic cars and limousines in Perth. We’ll make sure you arrive in style in our head turning Limousines and classic cars. You will be the envy of the school as you walk down the Red Carpet.

Why you should choose our company and what points you should remember before hire a limo company in Perth: 

Pick Up – We will pick you up from your destination at any time you desire. Our well dressed chauffeurs will pick you at the right time. The pickup can sometimes be very exciting, waiting to jump into the luxury of our limousines and let us re assure you, you will not be disappointed with our service. 

The Drive – During the drive around in the limo you will be able to let your hair down and listen to your favourite music, drink free soft drinks and pretty much really start to enjoy yourself. Depending on how many hours you have booked the limo for you will get your hour’s drive around until your time is up. Your hour’s drive will not start until you are in the limo and ready to go. Our drivers are all very relaxed and very helpful so if you have problems do not be shy to ask them. You will then arrive at your destination where you will arrive in VIP fashion

Drop Off – The Drop off will be the time you arrive at your destination in style, hopping out of one of our new limousines is guaranteed to turn heads. The driver will get out of the limousine and help you out of the vehicle and really treat you to a celebrity experience. If you want to be dropped off in a specific spot then please let the driver know and if it is not a problem, he will drop you off where you require. After you have had your full hour’s drive around you will be ready to step out in style.

The Return – The journey doesn’t have to end there for some people. If you book a return trip with ourselves then we will pick you back up at the destination you have chosen from. Our drivers will return with the limo spring cleaned, fresh drinks and ready to take you back to where you desire. Our return trips can work out fantastic in price and can sometimes work out financially a lot cheaper and you can really get your money worth when hiring the return package. Formal goers do prefer return trips and we can work out special prices for you so that you can have your dream package.

Early Booking – Remember to make reservations early because you will not be the only person who wants a limo for your School Formal in Perth. For making a reservations just go here

We are open to all kinds of flexible planning for your school formal, for your convenience, your enjoyment, and possibly some interesting photo opportunities of your arrival, too. You can check our new arrival cars from here Perth City Limos. We not only guarantee to be the best service but we also guarantee the vehicles you see on our website will be the exact limo which turns up for your formal date.